Take care of fire safety

Our offer includes a full range of compounds, which reduce flammability of plastics, composites, adhesives, paints, lacquers and wood industry products. We are International Distributor of flame retardants. In Poland we are Representative of Metadynea Austria GmbH

In our offer we have „commodity” and „specialty” products covered in 5 main product groups:



    Halogen-free solutions according to current demands, which were tested in many applications,
    Series based on bromine and chlorine compounds, which react immediately to fire to prevent flame propagation,
    Dedicated safe solutions for synthetic and natural textiles.
  • Special KS compositions
    Dedicated for the specialized solutions,
  • MB series
    Masterbatches of thermoplastics with a high FR content based on various types of polymer matrices (ex. PE, PP).



Group of dedicated FR solutions that reduces amount and toxicity of harmful combustion products. Products environmentally friendly, which improve overall mechanical and physical properties of synthetics.


Metadynea Products

Group of innovative, halogen-free compounds, that reduces flammability of different materials for various applications. 


D- PYRE 400

New, non-toxic and environmentally friendly product, which is dedicated o PVC System solutions (wires and cables, building and construction, technical materials). Fully compatible with common plasticizers. Shows high efficiency in increasing flammability resistance and gas barier. 

Prolabin & Tefarm

Group of innovative and biocompatible compounds mainly synthesized from hydrotalcites and zirconium phosphates / phosphinates. They are nanostructured additives for polymers improving thermal resistance of final products. 


Know better our Products:

Technical Documentation and Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request. Please write us an email on office@nysachem.pl and ask for suitable for You documents.