HALOGEN series


Compounds based on chlorine and bromine are one of the first commonly used flame retardants. They are used for decades and have a wide range of applications in various industries. This series contains both tested in many applications and new, innovative compounds based on chlorine and bromine. KEBFR products are dedicated to use in application, where quick prevention from flame propagation and high effectiveness of working is necessary. 


Flame retardant based on chlorine and phosphorus. It has the highest resistance to hydrolysis from all commercially available, organic phosphates based on halogen, used as flame retardants. Product is well dissolved in most of organic solvents. TCPP has also high compatibility with polymer resins. Might be used in the aim of lowering viscosity of the system, improving moisture resistance, low temperature resistance and antistatic properties of the material. Appearance: Clear to yellowish liquid.

APPLICATION - flammability reduction in:
  • Systems for the polyurethane production (PU foams, PU solid)
  • Thermoset resins
  • Acetic fiber based materials and EVA and PVC plastics
  • Phenolic materials


Due to high bromine content in the aromatic and aliphatic  position this flame retardant has high effectiveness in flame retardancy. Mode of action is free radicals catching agent in the flame area - reducing fire propagation. Product is dedicated especially for polyolefin resins. Resins modified with this agent can achieve flammability class UL-94 V-2 as well as it is possible to achieve class V-0 with a low loading of FR.  Appearance: White powder/White granules/Mixed powder with granules.

APPLICATION - flammability reduction in:
  • Polyolefins and other thermoplastics


Bromine based flame retardant, which is an ecological alternative for widely used HBCD in polystyrene foams (EPS). Product works similarly to FlameHunter KEBFR 68. Its advantage is very low material loads needed to get the flame retardancy in PS materials.  Appearance: White powder.

APPLICATION - flammability reduction in:
  • Polystyrene foams - EPS, XPS


An effective flame retardant with a complex particle structure. Due to the aromatic structure based on bromine and triazine, it has effective flame retardant properties for plastics. It also has good thermal stability, resistance to UV radiation, increased mechanical resistance and good processing ability.  Appearance: White crystal powder.

APPLICATION - flammability reduction in:
  • Styrene ABS and polystyrene HIPS
  • Poly(butylene terephtalate) PBT
  • Polycarbonates PC and PC/ABS blends

KEBFR 8010

Popular, proven compound in the bromine flame retardant group. Due to high bromine content and aromatic structure it has good effectiveness in reducing flame and it has good thermal stability up to 200 °C.  Appearance: White powder.

APPLICATION - flammability reduction in:
  • Styrene ABS
  • Elastomers
  • Thermoplastics - PE, PP, PVC, EVA, PA
  • Insulating materials